Typematch: The AI-powered app that can figure out your relationship

Published by Aria on .

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Do you ever feel like you can get a pretty good idea of what someone is like just by looking at their face?

You know that feeling you get that you can trust someone just by looking at their smile? Or feeling like you want to punch someone you don't know for no apparent reason?

That's because there's a science behind it that dates back thousands of years. Being a part of the animal kingdom, humans share lots of traits with animals that show up in our personalities. You can see how humans are connected with these animals in their facial traits. We have taken this scientific theory developed by multiple expert anthropologists and combined it with machine learning to determine what kind of personality someone has just by seeing a photo of them.

If you know what two people's personalities are like based on their faces, you can also work out how good of a match they are with each other. TypeMatch does this in-depth analysis for you based on a single selfie with your match! This is a wealth of ground-breaking, untapped knowledge we have kept in our subconscious minds for thousands of years. And now, we have unlocked this knowledge by using A.I, and bring it to you in a fun and comprehensible way.

iVinci has officially released the TypeMatch App on the Google Play store, download it for free today and see the power of AI for yourself!

How can I use TypeMatch?

Step 1: Take a selfie together with your match.
Step 2: Get a result based on intelligent AI software that will tell you how good of a match you are together. You get in-depth unique text which analyses what your high and low points are in your relationship, what to look out for, and what makes being together so fun!