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iVinci turns your platform into a self-learning mechanism that will take your productivity and success to new heights. We design, develop, and create intelligent software modules that make your platform smarter and more efficient. This software can be added to your platform or accessed via an external call (API).

We are also happy to build customized software solutions tailored to your individual needs. At the moment, we focus on development in cutting-edge frameworks like Django (based on Python) and .Net frameworks. As a highly specialized team, we are able to scale up quickly if needed and ensure that quality work that represents you is delivered swiftly.

We have profound expertise in frontend and backend development based on a “security by design” methodology. We work according to best practices, provide source code including documentation and give you all of the rights to what we create. Upon request, we organize a custom help-desk, and even take care of maintaining application support and hosting.

Our recent projects



FaceType AI is a self-learning personality type recognition system. On the basis of a photo (selfie, PC or camera in store or shop window), the self-learning software determination takes place based on facial recognition and anlysing patterns in facial structures. There are 24 personality types with a variant of the DRMT personality codes, which is an algorithm. The AI software is able to read this algorithm out of sight, this code provides smart information it's gathered about a customer. Storing privacy-sensitive data is not needed anymore and yet profiling is possible: we call it recordless profiling! Buying motives, communication styles, conflict styles, time styles, learning styles, and stress styles - in short, facetype is the digital bridge between a photo and marketing.


Online E-coaching platform

We have developed an Intelligent Coaching Agent (ICA) for an online e-coaching and psychological wellness company. This platform allows for users to talk one-on-one with a coach anonymously. This intelligent software learns from the user to create a custom programme for the user to follow that is tailored to their individual needs. This programme is given to the coach directly so that the client can benefit as efficiently as possible. We developed a dashboard for this same company which provides management with immediate insight into the most relevant developments in the platform and with its users.


Advanced HR Platform

For an advanced HR system, we are developing a new online portal. This new system learns from the way different groups of people use the platform. In turn, it is able to dynamically, and per user, adjust the interface in order to optimize overall efficiency and workflow.



Our team is building a voice assistant can completely replace those awkward conversations with your hairdresser so you don’t have to endure it. To collect this data used in machine learning, the iVinci team worked together with anthropologist Jeroen de Vos who observed various conversations between hairdressers and clients. What are the topics at hand? Do these conversations differ based upon context and per person? This data is then processed through our new voice assistant which will have the ability to incite and keep a natural conversation flowing.

What we do

Analysis & UX Design

Our business analyst and professional UX/UI designer work together to create an engaging, user-friendly design. We analyze your current environment including your statistical data and our professional team creates a clear plan to go forward.


iVinci’s highly skilled team of developers make sure that your product is built using the latest technologies. No surprises. No difficult IP contracts. You are the fill owner of everything we build. Our software is slick, cutting-edge, and made to perform and last.


We ensure a smooth delivery to the users of your software. With this, comes clear documentation that belongs with it.

Hosting and Operational Support

Prefer outsourcing maintenance, development, or hosting? No problem! Let us take care of your continuous improvement needs with a monthly price tag that doesn’t break the bank. We will be available to guide you through this process with every step.

Meet iVinci


Rob Kurvers

Solution Developer

A seasoned business professional with a healthy dose of market knowledge and a keen eye for all things IT. Rob has a deep understanding of business and client’s values and goals, and thrives at developing impactful solutions that push the status quo. Let’s meet!

Jaap Joris Vens

A.I. Back-end Developer

As a graduated statistician and computer scientist, JJ specializes in formulating the right algorithm for any technical query. As an implementation consultant, he ensures the flawless integration of a broad range of technological systems.

Nick Kamer

Full-stack Developer & UX Designer

With a strong background in the gaming industry, Nick finds ways to add a unique twist to his designs. By always working with the latest frameworks and tools, you can be sure that every pixel lands on the exact spot where it will have the greatest visual impact.

Joost Helberg

Application & Database Architect



Frontend Developer & Copywriter

Aria is an accomplished writer, developer and marketeer. She fuses the worlds of marketing and development together to bring a unique and effective flair to every project. Building user-centric applications are her specialty, and with experience in the marketing world, she has a keen eye for details that can make or break your success.

Marcel Pordon

Business Developer

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